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Michela Mancini: Born in Rome class 84, Graduated with honors in Economics and Commerce, she met the digital coins in 2014 and, after deepening them, decided to work in this sector as a writer. He currently collaborates with some websites in the sector in which she publishes news on cryptocurrencies and news on blockchain technology. She is author in since January 2018. Email:

Emanuele Brizzi: Emanuele is a freelance journalist, an expert in financial technology, he follows daily market trends. He graduated in economics in 2013 and has been interested in blockchain since he read about Bitcoin several years ago. The author loves to write about cryptocurrencies, his attention is focused on news that periodically emerge from new and existing projects. Email:

Paolo Cianfriglia: Paolo is a financial analyst who likes to analyze and write about financial markets, especially abuot the fast-growing cryptocurrency markets. He writes for several websites and corporate blogs and at the same time offers advice to investors who are not yet familiar with the dangers related to the digital currency markets. Strongly motivated by the interest in blockchain technology, he loves sharing the news of the sector. Email Address:


Rebecca Ricci: Rebecca holds a Masters in Journalism from the University of Bologna and writes professionally in a wide variety of genres, especially the latest technological news. Email

Simone: Freelance author, entrepreneur profession. He deepens the crypto to keep up with the times, he loves to see the details of projects related to cryptovalute. He don’t like speculation, imagine being able to see all the points of the crypto roadmap applied. eMail:

Bisi Fabio: Fabio is an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. He holds a degree in Financial Economics. Fabio focuses on the analysis of the cryptocurrency data. In the last three years he has studied a lot the most important blockchain projects acquiring vast knowledge and experience. The writer focuses on the analysis of ICOs and how their development helps to change the world. Email Address:

Martina Di Fraia: Martina is a freelance writer and lives in Turin: Her current interest is cryptocurrencies, financial analysis and blockchain technology. In addition to writing content, she is an experienced Social Media Strategist. In his free time he loves reading books and running outdoors. He writes for from February 2018 Email Address: