Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple in decline after the market failed to overcome the key resistance, down also on Cardano and Tezos

The cryptocurrency markets are moving slightly down Friday, July 6, after the price of Bitcoin was rejected by the resistance placed at 6,700 dollars, a key level monitored by traders that could have given a further bullish boost to the listing of Bitcoin if it had been exceeded.

The ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies to date is led by Bitcoin, according to data from

The market capitalization of Bitcoin has a value of 113.2 billion dollars. The second is Ethereum with a market capitalization of $ 47.5 billion. The price for ETH is about 473.40 USD. Ripple comes third with a market capitalization of 18.5 billion dollars. The price for XRP is USD 0.47.

As the market failed to exceed the $ 6,700 area, the approach now suggests a drop in prices in the next few hours before the market picks up again, in fact already in the first part of the trading session there are decreases in the main cryptocurrencies , Ripple and Ethereum seem to suffer more with drops respectively of 4.50 and 5.30 percent while Tezos climbed recently in the top 20 is yielding 27 percent, sales also on Cardano, ADA which was the best performing cryptocurrency in the last week it is now yielding 11%.

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