Bitcoin ready for a new bullish momentum, the crypto-currencies NEO, Zilliqa and 0x rising sharply, while Ripple and Ethereum keep the gains

The cryptocurrency market has continued its positive direction in the last 24 hours. This meant that the entire value of the crypto market increased by a further 1.5% bringing the total capitalization to US $ 275 billion according to the Coin Market Cap. In the Thursday morning trading session: the price of Bitcoin (BTC) about 3% compared to yesterday and now 6.680 USD per currency. The largest cryptocurrency in the world now has a market capitalization of 114.9 billion US dollars and represents almost 42% of the entire market.

Analyzing the chart BTC / USD it is noted that the market was unable to firmly overcome the strong resistance set at 6,700 dollars, in fact after a first attempt that seemed to have been successful, the market has again fallen under the resistance, despite this, however, the price of Bitcoin remains very close to the recent highs reached yesterday, this suggests that there will probably be a new breakout of 6,700 dollars with a further bullish stretch towards 7,000 dollars.

Among the list of the most important altcoin cryptocurrencies are noted for the positive performance, NEO which increases by 14.72% and leads to a value of $ 41.95 USD, Zilliqa up by about 13 percentage points and 0x +16 percent while Ripple and Ethereum didn’t move much in the first part of the day.

Although there are the conditions for a new upward movement, as long as the price does not consolidate above $ 7,000, the danger of the downtrend is still present.

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