Small cryptocurrencies like Aelf (ELF), Gifto (GTO), Aeternity (AE), Bluzelle (BLZ) and Ethos (BQX) have increased more than bitcoin and ethereum

Small cryptocurrencies and tokens could become the main drivers of market volume growth in the coming days. Tokens such as Aelf (ELF), Gifto (GTO), Aeternity (AE), Bluzelle (BLZ) and Ethos (BQX), recorded a 10 percent gain against Bitcoin, which only increased by 5 percent.

Today, on 3 July, the bitcoin trading volume remains above 4.6 billion dollars, while the volume of Ethereum has stabilized around $ 1.7 billion. The price of Bitcoin Cash and Ripple has significantly increased since last week.

The daily trading volume of most cryptocurrencies has risen. Although the volumes of small tokens remain substantially low, a change in the trend in the coming days will lead to an increase in this indicator.

As investment firms and traders are optimistic about the short-term future of the cryptocurrency market, large digital businesses will continue to grow in value and probably even less popular tokens.

Although we have witnessed an increase in the volume and prices of cryptocurrencies in the last two days, we must bear in mind that the danger of a return of the bear market has not yet been averted and it is possible that the rise in progress is only a technical rebound.

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