Ripple and Bitcoin in rallies after rebound from the supports, ethereum, eos, bitcoin cash, litecoin, tron and cardano increase in value

XRP Ripple has scored a significant price increase in recent days rising from 0.42 dollar cents to today’s price of about 0.51, today is increasing by 11 percentage points while ethereum and bitcoin rise respectively by 6 and 4 percent. Analyzing the Ripple chart, we can be seen that the market is offering positive signals, the 50-day moving average has been exceeded and the next obstacle is represented by the 100-day moving average passing in area 0.63, the level that acts as a resistance can give a further bullish boost to the market when it will be exceeded.

Meanwhile, we learn that Wirex, a service provider for cryptocurrency accounts, will add support for an XRP wallet in the coming days. Wirex provides users with cryptocurrency wallet that are linked to debit cards, both physical and virtual. It also offers fiat and cryptocurrency exchange services, as well as payment solutions.

In addition, the Ripple company introduced The Ripple Drop, a new series of web videos by Ripple staff. Each new episode will be broadcast every first and third Monday of the month and will cover the latest news on Ripple’s customers, technology, products and culture. In the episode this week, they will talk about the importance of liquidity with Catherine Coley, head of institutional liquidity XRP.

Ripple’s product SVP, Asheesh Birla, will also talk about the recent addition of Kotak Mahindra Bank to RippleNet and why xCurrent is a turning point for financial institutions in India and other emerging markets.

It seems that the beginning of the second half of the year has given a turn to the cryptocurrency markets that have finally been able to react from the media, greater interest among investors and traders remains on the most popular cryptocurrencies including precisely XRP Ripple, ethereum, bitcoin cash, EOS and TRON (TRX), Cardano (ADA), IOTA, Litecoin and EOS.

It also seems, according to some rumors that Cardano (ADA) could enter into cooperation with Google, and this could be the reason why Cardano is outperforming the market today with a 17 percent increase

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