3dcoin district, blockchain and virtual reality joined together

Among many projects, of all shapes it is increasingly difficult to be able to find something that convinces you, that takes away your thoughts, this I already saw it, this they have already done!

The virtual reality applied to the blockchain this is the core of this project. A world in exciting evolution, that of virtual reality, applied to the blockchain. An idea that seems like a novelty.

The team of founders, originally from the United Arab Emirates, has taken its first steps since 2015 to arrive at ICO in 2017. It collects $ 10,300,000 from November 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

Today, after a long journey and many efforts are much closer to their core business: apply virtual reality, make it an integral part of the life of each of us, as well as the use of blockchain.

Selling real or virtual goods, a school, or a house, 3D decentralized applications are easily created by anyone using the Districts visual studio.

In short, the goal is to bring the real world into contact with virtual reality, and interesting are applications in the field of companies. Just think that you can visit a house to buy, even a few miles away without having to go, simply thanks to virtual reality.

Another novelty of this project are the masternodes, used in the framework of the blockchain structure. Secure and stable nodes, created through VPS (Virtual Private Server) that are remunerated in a more significant way to have certified the blockchain process, being connected 24/24, 7/7.

Currently the team is moving, its steps in seeking a space in the market, it is in fact expected soon to exit in the exchange.

The market will then confirm the validity of the project, meanwhile, the team and the first investors, both those involved in ICO, and those gradually added by private sales, are waiting to see their expectations confirmed, even if not immediately, but still tend to expect a good response from the market.

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