$ 20 million sequestered in bitcoins, hardware for mining, drugs and over 100 firearms in the black market online

35 people were arrested by US law enforcement officers suspected of selling “illicit goods” in the online black market commonly referred to as “Silk Road”, the place where users can sell and buy drugs and other items. Its creator is serving life imprisonment in prison.

This operation, according to a statement by the Department of Justice, also led to the seizure of millions of dollars in illegal assets, including drugs, over 100 firearms, 3.6 million dollars in cash and gold bars, about 20 Millions of dollars of Bitcoin, 15 tablets of pills (used to create illegal synthetic material) and Bitcoin mining hardware

The investigations were carried out for a whole year, the special agents of the HSI division of New York pretended to be money launderers in the obscure markets and were able to exchange US currency with virtual currency. The survey led to over 90 active operations on over 65 targets across the country.

“The dark network is constantly evolving and increasingly intricate, making it more difficult to localize and target those who sell illicit items on this platform. But in this case, HSI special agents have been able to move among those in the cybercrime world by finding those vendors that sell highly addictive drugs for profit, “said Benner, executive executive director of HSI Acting.

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