Facebook now allows the advertising of cryptocurrencies with the exclusion for ICO

Tuesday, June 26, the largest social network in the world, Facebook, announced the revision of the total ban on advertising for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, previously approved advertisers will be able to publish content on cryptocurrencies and related topics, with the exception of ICO.

To obtain permission to publish advertising products and services in the crypto currency field, advertisers must provide Facebook with data on licenses, market listing and all public information about their business.

Facebook will make decisions based on data received from advertisers, however, as already warned, not everyone will be accepted. In the announcement it is specified that:

Advertisers wishing to post ads for cryptocurrency products and services must submit an application to help us evaluate their eligibility, including the licenses they have obtained, whether its are traded on a public stock exchange and other relevant public background on their business. Given these restrictions, not everyone who wants to advertise can do it.

With the revision of the previous ban, the company once again opens its doors to the cryptocurrency market, but with much more attention to possible misleading advertising, users are invited to report content that violates the advertising rules of the social network.

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