The cryptocurrencies will become national currencies of the states, according to CEO Robinhood

Baygu Butt, one of the founders of Robinhood, a famous online broker for cryptocurrency trading, has made very positive forecasts for the sector. He thinks that many nations will use cryptocurrencies as national currencies.

“I think that many states, in a favorable moment, will adopt cryptocurrencies as their own currencies. I think it’s largely inevitable, if it happens next year or in 15 years, I do not know, but I’m almost 100% sure it will happen. ”

“It will be difficult for several years, there are many things that seem to make a difference for the application of crypto currencies. I mean that the market seems like the Internet, so I think we pay attention to details and there are many positive things that will come from this. ”

COBINHOOD is a new generation cryptocurrency service platform also available in Italian.

Launched in 2013, the company was founded by Bhat and his colleague Stanford , Vlad Tenev. In order to provide free basic brokerage online services in a mobile application, the company has rapidly gained popularity.

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