Condensate Rain, rain coin at 200%

Condensate Rain, an altcoin project born just over a year ago in May 2017, doesn’t come out on the market with an ICO, but simply by launching its blockchain and starting coinage through the staking, still in use today, with a reward 200% annual.

The project, whose main purpose is climate research, intends to approach IOT (internet of things) through the creation of a rainwater measuring device connected to its blockchain, characterized not only by safety but also by speed and economy. Water is indeed a basic commodity, this is the key concept expressed on their website, hence the idea of ​​producing this first apparatus. Project of good applicability but that meets some problems almost at the end of the first year of life. The main dev, accused, among other things, accused of misconduct in the negotiations with the staking pools abandons the project.

Immediately the community, led by a group of people basedin Germany, continues to carry out the project, trying to make the crypto known in the environment.

Inside the Discord server, a privileged channel for communication in the comunity, the first marketing activities begin. Through a nice promotion,airdrop style, small amounts of Rain are given to people.

At the same time, the construction of a Rainmeter, a rain gauge, will soon be launched by the team in the market.

They don’t have a roadmap yet, but they seem to have full possession of communications within the community, perhaps a little less outside. After the initial moment of loss, due to the abandonment of the dev, the project seems to have regained vitality, even if the activities to be carried out have not been exhausted.

Currently the purchase price is very catchy, 0.006 USD but probably the most interesting thing that drives the investment on this crypto is the high reward you get for the staking. Condensate Rain now lives a good moment, perhaps not fully reflected in the price, but above all, it is waiting for a further leap forward as soon as the core product of the team is launched.

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