Now Coinbase Index Fund is open to accredited US investors

Coinbase announced yesterday 12 June that it has opened the Coinbase Index Fund for investors who intend to invest money ranging from $ 250,000 to $ 20 million.

This new Coinbase financial instrument offers the possibility for investors to expose themselves on all the listed businesses in Coinbase which are currently Bitcoin 61.5%, Ethereum 27.2%, Bitcoin Cash 8.2% and Litecoin 3.1%

Yesterday coinbase also announced that it intends to support the cryptocurrency ethereum classic and will also be added to the Coinbase Index Fund. The digital currency with this announcement had a significant increase in price and trading volumes, closing the day with a rise of 15 percent

Under the terms of the service at the time the coinbase fund is open only for investors accredited in the United States but in the future the company intends to launch more funds that are accessible to all investors and cover a wider range of digital resources.

Coinbase continues its expansion in full swing, only a few days ago the acquisition of has been announced for around 100 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency markets are currently dominated by sellers, the price of bitcoin after the decline in recent days does not seem to react positively, a sign that probably the downtrend is not yet finished.

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