Litecoin (LTC) lost 10 percent after bitcoin dropped below the $ 6,500 support

Litecoin (as we said last week) still seems to be one of the most low-risk cryptocurrencies on which to invest in the short / medium term; despite being affected by the decline of the entire sector, the price remains relatively stable and on the 1D and 3D charts is still on support S1 (0.01465BTC) while on the 1W chart has not yet broken down the pivot point (at 0.1370BTC).

The MACD, despite being bearish on all time frames, seems to be building a bullish divergence, so LTC continues to look like one of the safest ports to take refuge during this bearish storm. Also as regards the LTC / USDT pair, the price appears to be fairly stable, with a price currently around $ 93 which is unlikely to fall below $ 84 in the short term.

Obviously the risk of heavy dumps that can cause large losses is always around the corner for this cryptocurrency, however in the bleak scenario of these days, LTC holders are undoubtedly among those who are suffering less, at least for now. We are left to see how the situation will evolve in the coming days and if the media that currently seem to be quite solid will be able to withstand this first downward wave.

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