Dravite revolutionizes the staking

A crypto for users. The coin with a maximum supply of 25,000,000,000 premined by the team for only 0.04% was launched on the announcement via bitcointalk, starting from April 15 initially at a price of 3,500 BTC Satoshi with a gift of a 10% bonus to end the May 13 at a price of 5,000 BTC Satoshi. Currently the price is attested to 2,200 BTC Satoshi (price detected by stocks.exchange) and the circulating supply amounts to a total of 10,121,135, just above the initial premining.

The main feature of this coin is the high reward for the staking, a hybrid between POW and POS that repay holders who deposit the crypto in the wallet core with a thrilling percentage. A scheme on the site makes clear the profit margin 5,000% for the extraction of coins at the height of the blocks 35,000-50,000 and 10,000% between the blocks 50,001-80,001.

There is no trading strategy, analysis of charts that can match these gains, the team designing this coin has surpassed every best expert trader in cryptocurrencies.

It remains to be verified the application of the currency, their roadmap for now is very basic, simple and easy to reach objectives to make the crypto known and used in the still small market, currently capitalized for a figure of just under $ 300,000,000. The objectives are: to launch pools for the staking, a series of marketing actions, a mobile wallet and the adoption of the crypto in online shop.

Certainly a simple project that immediately met with success, the server Discord, official channel of communication already has 5,200 members. Road uphill, for the large amount of crypto present, at least numerically, but certainly well seen by the people of the web who prefer a hodl strategy rather than a daily trading.

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