Losses on all major cryptocurrencies, ripple, ethereum, eos and litecoin lose value

Cryptocurrency markets are recording significant losses in today’s trading session after the bitcoin price has fallen 5 percent. Some analysts attribute the decline to the fact that the US Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has requested Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp and itBit to provide data on trading after the launch of bitcoin futures.

The 5% decline represents a very negative signal on the basis of which the market could now accelerate downwards by expanding losses even further until the price reaches a valid support able to bounce the prices.

Looking at the BTC / USD chart with a 1-day compression, we notice that the market has fallen again under the upward trendline that joins the lows since September 2017 and this time the movement is supported by strong sales volumes, a very negative situation from the point of view from the technical analysis.


As always happens when the price of bitcoin falls, the cryptocurrencies altcoin follow the trend, analyzing the list of the first 100 digital currencies you can verify that all are suffering losses, Ripple loses 6 percent and now $ 0.634, ethereum drops by 5 percentits price is $ 574, EOS -9% and Litecoin goes down by around 5 percent.
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