Maker a cryptocurrency or a stock certificate?

The blockchain is considered as the new technology, to be applied to the commercial relations of the future and not only, but the instability of the cryptocurrency exchange values, however, for now, seems to be one of the great obstacles so that the system can be fully adopted.

In January 2017, someone thinks that a different system may emerge, announced as stability for the blockchain.

The Maker team, now having 40 members, starts the establishment of a stable blockchain system.

Through an architecture that is not easy to understand, through the purchase of MKR against ETH and the guarantee deposit of the MKR token, DAI is created, a fixed-rate cryptocurrency with a 1: 1 dollar exchange rate. DAI presents itself as the guarantor of the value of the project linked to the blockchain Maker.

Maker when it comes to the blockchain technology market doesn’t launch an ICO, but a private sale aimed at those who believe in the project, intended to offer applications related to the DApp blockchain, the creation of DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), the development of Smart Contract that are started and completed.

Creating the DAO Maker is the first step in order for all the projects born in it to be really appreciable, stable and usable, a DAO in which, the owners of the token govern and monitor the projects, so that there is a real decentralized, real and functioning.

Result the MKR token is available for purchase only in an exchange, OasisDEX, sold on a par with only ETH, since its original creation to date. (It is present on sale at other exchanges but does not reach 10% of the current value)

Just as if it were a share certificate of a real company, MKR holders can attend weekly meetings and express their opinion about the activities carried out by DAO.

In the end it seems that the system is functional and appreciated in the world of crypto investors, in fact the MKR token chart looks different from all the other cryptocurrencies charts, launched for sale at a value of 22 USD (January 2017), passed through a peak of USD 1,687 (January 20018), arrived today 07/06/2018 around USD 800; this suggests that the project is appreciated by investors who believe in the applicability of the blockchain rather than just speculation within a very volatile market.

We can think that the stability, much hoped by the team, has been achieved, certainly the depreciation from almost 1,700 to 800 USD suggests that the path is still long, and even MKR can be targeted by speculators, but certainly for those who want to see blockchain technology implemented in daily life, this approach arouses much more confidence than others.

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