Bitcoin increases in value after Bitfinex solves the problems. EOS and Bitcoin Cash among the best while Nexus goes to Binance

The price of bitcoin fell yesterday, Tuesday, June 5, after that the exchange bitfinex posted a post on twitter announcing problems of overloading its platform and then temporarily suspending operations; after a few hours away in a second tweet the bitfinex team said that the problems were solved and the market reacted positively, the price of bitcoin increased by more than 3% after the clarification of bitfinex.

Today, it seems to continue the positive on the cryptocurrency markets, the bitcoin is moving up by 2.5% to $ 7,600, Ethereum rises by 3.5% and Ripple by about 3 percentage points while more interesting increases are affecting Bitcoin Cash and EOS, the two cryptocurrencies earn more than 5%

Good news for the cryptocurrency Nexus (NXS), Binance announced today that it has made trading available for NXS / BNB, NXS / BTC and NXS / ETH pairs, the announcement as always happens in these cases, has given the way to a rush to buy among investors and as a result, the price of the token is increasing significantly, in the early hours of the trading session, coinmarketcap records a 15 percent increase on this cryptocurrency.

Binance also added yesterday SingularityNET (AGI) in its exchange and in the days before it was listed QuarkChain (QKC) and four new pairs of cryptocurrencies XRP / BNB, TUSD / USDT, XLM / USDT and IOTA / USDT

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