Cypherock soon a new hardware wallet available for your crypto

There are many trading strategies in the crypto world. There are those who make daily trading leaving their coins deposited in the exchange, but then there is another large amount of people who have approached the world of crypto, but for many reasons, both technical and of choice decide to buy the crypto but make them “mature” and then resell even after months appreciating such discrete earnings.

For those who make daily trading the solidity of the exchange is the only guarantee, sell and buy quickly, probably does not agree with the transfer of the crypto in the wallet.

At this point for all the inhabitants of the crypto-world wishing to make money with the possible increase of coins, due to a development of the project or other different reasons, the wallet dilemma begins.

And yes, because if the exchange is a form of guarantee for those who make quick trading, the wallet is the only guarantee for those who decide to keep the coins for a few months. All coins have official wallets, extremely safe and reliable, but all with the same problem, once installed the desktop wallet, that is for Windows, Mac or Linux it is necessary to synchronize all the blockchain and allocate a decent space in the HardDisk. And, as the rule of diversification wants, who knows how many crypts has the average investor 4/5 but also 10/20, since the crypto we can count on Coinmarketcap to date are over 1600. And at this point the problem come to light, certainly while wanting the maximum security, the one that offer the official wallet, it is unthinkable to download the blockchain of all the crypto that you have.

Precisely to solve all these problems emerge multiple forms of wallet, from the safest to the least secure.

One of the others is also Cypherock, but it is not just like everyone else. The team, Rohan Avargal and Vipul Sain, based in New Delhi, India, thought of what the market, despite very attentive to the needs of investors, had not yet available. In fact there are an infinite number of web wallets that however have almost all a flaw, you’re never sure to own exclusively your private keys and then you always feel connected to a website, you think, but if a tomorrow these here close everything, and if one day is hacked ???

To avoid this inconvenience, are born all those hardware wallet, where you own your crypto and your private keys, safe from any web attack because offline.

Then the market is satisfied! All safe and peaceful.

But Rohan and Vipul do not think this way, in fact they think about the amount of people who gravitate around cryptocurrencies and do not use the PC as a first resource; many in fact are those who use mobile phones, tablets, iPhones, iPad probably many more than those who use the PC.

Here the market served their business on a silver platter, it’s necessary to create a wallet hardware that can be used by a mobile device. Starting from this real need, these two programmers decide to solve this other problem. Here comes Cypherock, a wallet that seems just the right answer to the needs of investors in the crypto. Mobile, not connected to an installation on a desktop device, safe because it is equipped with biometric recognition devices, universal because it is set up for many crypto, touchscreen because you can not miss anything, portable due to its small size and above all it is inserted in the cover of your device , multipurpose can in fact be used on all devices.

If you have thought, I will never bind my crypto to the shape of my cell, do not worry, just ask and you will receive a new cover where you can insert your Cypherock

The largests cryptos on the market will be listed and all those on the coinmarketcap will be listed, obviously, based on their market share. They do not exclude special negotiations with the various teams that will request to be listed.

The team is sensitive to potential buyers, because on the official site there is also a form through which you can express your point of view on the project.

The race is certainly still long, but they have become as a point of arrival September October 2018 as a date for the launch of the product, for now only visible at the prototypical level, as shown by the video on their site, which shows the perfect functioning of the device through the use of Bees offered by Blockcypher.

Currently the project proceeds with self-financing, certainly, given the high cost of the operation they will have to engage heavily in the search for lenders, hoping that in the meantime does not come the same idea to some big brand that already has the resources to produce.

So we hope for them, and maybe for us with a few months of patience there will be another answer in the market to people’s needs, still evolutions for simplification in the crypto world.

A few more months of patience and there will be another answer in the market to people’s needs, still evolutions for simplification in the crypto world.

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