Reddcoin offers a web space to the artists: Reddcoin4Art and goes even further!

Another initiative by the ReddHeads, this time of Italian origin. In fact, it recites the page of, a space offered by the Italian Reddcoin team to artists who want to publish their works on the web. In addition to a simple exhibition of artworks, this new project divides the exposures by themes, proposing also to some generous supporters to create a competition with a final prize.

The idea was born to try to involve in the cryptocurrencies also the people of the Internet not yet fully aware of the blockchain. In fact, their texts used for launches recall the ability that art has had over time to spread thoughts and philosophies. They hope that their blockchain will conquer the people of the internet and they rely on artists to launch the message.

For now the idea would seem a novelty, certainly have ventured on an uphill road, but history teaches that difficult things are able to leave their mark.

Meanwhile, through the commitment of Reddcoin-Alliance, a branch of Reddcoin which deals with creating joint ventures and synergies of all kinds, from the simple implementation of payment methods with cryptovalute, to give visibility to humanitarian projects, was born a specific gallery inside the web space dedicated to the “Contemporary Art” artists; a work chosen among the 3 best works voted by the public will be selected by the owner of to be used as a testimonial for the merchandising of their production, not gratuitously of course, Cryptobird has promised the artist a percentage of 10 % of the value of each testimonial product sold, and a share identical to the development of the Reddcoin project.

It would seem that already some results have been achieved, since some works have already been added, among that of an artist, who seems extraneous to the world of cryptocurrencies.


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