Social Send a decentralized, social and generous project

Social Send a project that comes from the free aggregation of people, who with the original spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto, give life to a blockchain make a preview mining of 30,000,000 coins and selling a part of them in private pre-sale to finance the adoption to the exchange of the crypto by the Cryptopia exchange.

At the time of the launch on bitcointalk, in December 2017, the circulating supply had reached 33,000,000, today it has reached a quota of 35.693.869 in just over 5 months an increase in supply of 8%.

Between December 2017 and the first few months of 2018 the team, of which only 9 names are officially known, the rest preferred to remain anonymous, had released everything necessary to make the crypto usable. Besides the classic desktop wallet, available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspeberry and Android, you can also use Send on the platform. Once registered in the platform through access via social network or email address, it is possible to synchronize all Facebook, Twitter and Discord social accounts into a single user, who can receive and send Send to and from other social network users, in an easy and fast way. Their slogan on the home page reads in fact

No need to understand crypto currency. Our simple software makes using your Send a breeze.

The team and the community, made up of over 8,000 people, are very active in the Discord platform, reachable with links from the official website, where, in addition to conversations about possible evolutions, suggestions to make SocialSend more appealing to the general public, this crypto was born with this objective, to be used in the great universe of the web, it is possible to transfer Send and, very nice thing, also to make Send rain inside a channel of the platform. In fact, a bot responds to certain commands, deposit, withdrawal, rain, storm and soak. The first two commands are necessary to move the crypto between users, with the last three commands decide to send a quantity of Send that will fall as a gift on who is inside the channel, divided equally between those who are active, who has written or other similar characteristics.

What is much appreciated by the lovers of Send is the staking, the process of coining new coins. Who has in stock Send in the wallet core receives in return other Send, the algorithm, they say, remunerate with a percentage of 30%, provided that the wallet is open and online, simple operation and affordable for everyone.

There is another form of staking but which involves a greater technical preparation, the masternode. With about 6000 Sends sent as guarantee, and with a 24 hour connection, 7 out of 7 the gains are higher and contributes better to the blockchain.

What is equally welcome is the possibility of doing the staking through the user Discord, in fact, the Send deposited on the wallet of the Discord account increase in quantity, in this case even without doing anything.

Currently no limit is foreseen to the maximum generable supply, certainly an absence of limit is not an advantage. From their whitepaper we learn that there is the possibility of limiting the supply to 50,000,000, after approval of the community, just to safeguard the devaluation of the coin.

Currently, the crypto is traded only in the exchange Cryptopia, unfortunately after a first access was delisted by TradeSathosi. Currently the team is working sensitively to be included in new exchanges. The current value at 29/05/2018 is 0.065USD, which has basically remained unchanged compared to the value obtained in the first trading days in December 2017.

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