Ripple XRP could double its value next week to reach $ 1.20

Ripple could potentially touch $ 1.20 next week. Ripple XRP today, Tuesday, April 29, it is attested 0.56 dollars in decline by two percentage points. The analyst of the cryptodaily website made this prediction mostly on the basis of the past bullish movements of the market and considering a speculation activity in case the market offers positive signals.

The analyst explains that

in a week, a value of $1.20 for Ripple is totally realistic and moreover, its very achievable. We should also consider that this bull run or market surge, should it take place, could hit the markets with an even bigger impact, rises of over 140% could easily see Ripple hit $1.50, this would be very significant indeed.

Ripple, with its products xcurrent, xrapid and xvia has signed over 100 partnerships with banks, financial institutions and money transfer services among the most important in the world and the price of cryptocurrency XRP now seems to be underestimated, the Ripple Team led by the his CEO Brad Garlinghouse is one of the most aggressive and competent in the industry, more and more companies are implementing the company’s products and there is a huge expectation for the future of the currency.

Although the price of XRP is suffering in this period due to the bear-market of the crypto, it is very likely that for a medium / long-term investment XRP is a good bet in anticipation that its price will return to the highs at $ 3.

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