Bitcoin: 5% jump within an hour. Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) recover

A 5% jump a few minutes ago brought the price of bitcoins from 7,100 dollars to 7,500 where a first resistance is positioned, a similar movement has also taken place on the cryptocurrency XRP Ripple which is now changing at 0,60 dollars and Ethereum which increases by 5% and now stands 558 dollars.

Finally, the green returns to the cryptocurrency markets, which bounce off supports with sustained volumes. After several days of consecutive markdowns there are now positive signs that change the market sentiment from negative to moderately positive, also because the upward trend at the technical level is still valid, there seems to have been a false trendline breakout that combines the lows from September, in fact, in 2017 the trendline crossed the markets downwards and then it immediately recovered, returning to the upward channel, as shown in this graph.

It is therefore possible that we are facing an important minimum from which the long-awaited rally could arise, but we must always consider an opposite view so as not to end up in unpleasant situations.

Good news also comes from one of the largest stock exchanges in the United States, Nasdaq, which announced that it will support cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens.

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